Enriquillo Valley
Locality 1: Holocene, ~ 9020 - 4760 BP

Faunal List (reef corals only)

Acropora cervicornis [branching]
Undaria agaricites [mostly plates]
Colpophyllia natans [massive/mound]
Eusmilia fastigata [branching]
Favia fragum [massive/mound]
Helioseris cucullata [plates]
Manicina areolata [freeliving]
Oculina diffusa [branching]
Porites astreoides [massive/mound]
Porites divaricata [branching]
Porites furcata [branching]
Porites porites [branching]
Scolymia lacera [massive (solitary)]
Siderastrea siderea [massive/mound]
Stephancoenia intersepta [massive/mound]

Modified after: Stemann, T.A. and K.G. Johnson, 1992. Coral assemblages, biofacies, and ecological zones in the mid-Holocene reef deposits of the Enriquillo Valley. Lethaia 25: 231-241.