NMITA: Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America 

List of Entity Attributes

Entity Header                   Attribute Name          Datatype        Null    FK      PK   

AbsoluteAgeDetermination        AbsAgeSeq               int             NO              (PK)    
                                AgeDeterminationId      int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                AbsAgeValue             char(10)        NULL                                            
                                AbsAgeErrorValue        char(18)        NULL    
                                AbsAgeDeterMethod       char(50)        NULL                                                 

AgeDetermination                AgeDeterminationId      int             NO              (PK) 
                                CollectingEventId       int             NULL    (FK)         
                                StratigraphicUnitId     int             NULL    (FK)         

CharacterState                  CharacterStateId        int             NO              (PK) 
                                MorphCharId             int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CharacterStateText      char(35)        NULL                                                 

ChronostraticAgeDetermination   AgeDeterminationId      int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                ChrEpochNm              char(18)        NULL                     
                                ChrEpochSubNm           char(25)        NULL                                            
                                ChrPforamZn             char(50)        NULL                                            
                                ChrNannoZn              char(50)        NULL                 
                                ChrMagEpoch             char(50)        NULL                                            
                                ChrAgeMaxValue          char(18)        NULL                                            
                                ChrAgeMinValue          char(18)        NULL                                                 

Citation                        CitationId              int             NO              (PK) 
                                ReferenceWorkId         int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                LocalitySiteId          int             NULL    (FK)         
                                CollectingUnitId        int             NULL    (FK)         
                                CollectingEventId       int             NULL    (FK)         
                                TaxonNameUseId          int             NULL    (FK)         
                                PersonId                int             NULL    (FK)         
                                TaxonNameUseType        char(15)        NULL                                            
                                CitationRefWorkPageN    char(8)         NULL                                             
                                CitationRefWorkFigNbr   char(35)        NULL                                                 

CollectingEvent                 CollectingEventId       int             NO              (PK) 
                                CollectingProjectId     int             NULL    (FK)         
                                EnvironmentDescId       char(18)        NULL    (FK)         
                                LocalitySiteId          int             NULL    (FK)         
                                CollectingEventDate     datetime        NULL                                                 

CollectingEventTeam             CollectingEventId       int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                PersonId                int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CollectingProjectNam    char(50)        NULL    
                                CollectingProjectAbb    char(10)        NULL                                                 

CollectingMethod                CollectingMethodCd      char(18)        NO              (PK) 
                                CollectingMethodDesc    char(18)        NULL                                                 

CollectingProject               CollectingProjectId     int             NO              (PK) 
                                CollectingProjectName   char(35)        NULL                                                 
                                CollectingProjectNoteTx varchar(256)    NULL                                                 

CollectingUnit                  CollectingUnitId        int             NO              (PK) 
                                PersonId                int             NULL    (FK)         
                                CollectingEventId       int             NO      (FK)         
                                SampleNbr               char(18)        NULL                                                 
                                MuseumAccNbr            char(18)        NULL                                                 

CollectingUnitPrepMethod        PreparationMethodCd     int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CollectingUnitId        int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CollUnitPrepMethodNoteT varchar(256)    NULL                                                 

CollEventMethod                 CollectingEventId       int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CollectingMethodCd      char(18)        NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CollEventMethodNoteTxt  varchar(256)    NULL                                                 

CollUnitMethod                  CollectingUnitId        int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CollectingMethodCd      char(18)        NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CollUnitMethodNoteTxt   char(18)                NULL                                                 

Determination                   DeterminationId         int             NO              (PK) 
                                TaxonNameId             int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CollectingUnitId        int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                PersonId                int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                DeterminationStatusCd   int             NULL    (FK)         
                                DeterminationDate       datetime        NULL                                                 

DeterminationStatus             DeterminationStatusCd   int             NO              (PK) 
                                DeterminationStatusDesc char(10)        NULL                                                 

EnvironmentDescription          EnvironmentDescId       char(18)        NO              (PK) 
                                PaleoEnvironmentCd      int             NULL    (FK)         
                                PaleoDepth              char(50)        NULL                                                 
                                EnvironmentDescNoteTxt  varchar(256)    NULL                                                 

Illustration                    IllustrationId          int             NO              (PK) 
                                IllustrationTypeCd      char(2)         NULL    (FK)         
                                IllustrationGraphic     char(18)        NULL                                                 
                                IllustrationDesc        char(18)        NULL                                                 

IllustrationType                IllustrationTypeCd      char(2)         NO              (PK) 
                                IllustrationTypeDesc    char(35)        NULL                                                 

Locality                        LocalityId              int             NO              (PK) 
                                LocalityName            char(50)        NULL                                                 
                                LocalityDetailTxt       char(200)       NULL                                                 
                                Country                 char(35)        NULL                                                 
                                Region                  char(50)        NULL                                                 
                                Ocean                   char(18)        NULL                                                 

LocalityIllustration            LocalityId              int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                IllustrationId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

LocalitySpecificSite            LocalitySiteId          int             NO              (PK) 
                                LocalityId              int             NULL    (FK)         
                                Latitude                char(18)        NULL                                                 
                                Longitude               char(18)        NULL                                                 

MorphCharStateIllustration      IllustrationId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CharacterStateId        int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                MorphCharId             int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

MorphologicCharacters           MorphCharId             int             NO              (PK) 
                                MorphCharText           char(35)        NULL                                                 

MorphologicMsrmtType            MorphMsrmtTypeCd        char(2)         NO              (PK) 
                                MorphMsrmtTypeDesc      char(50)        NULL                                                 

MorphologicMsrmtTypeIllustrati  MorphMsrmtTypeCd        char(2)         NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                IllustrationId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

MorphologicSpecimenMsrmt        SpecimenId              int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                MorphMsrmtTypeCd        char(2)         NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                MorphSpecMsrmtValue     real            NULL                                                 
                                MorphSpecMsrmtNoteTxt   varchar(256)    NULL                                                 

PaleoEnvironment                PaleoEnvironmentCd      int             NO              (PK) 
                                PaleoEnviromentDesc     char(50)        NULL                                                 

Person                          PersonId                int             NO              (PK) 
                                LastName                char(35)        NULL                                                 
                                FirstName               char(50)        NULL                                                 

PersonIllustration              PersonId                int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                IllustrationId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

PreparationMethod               PreparationMethodCd     int             NO              (PK) 
                                PreparationMethodDesc   char(50)        NULL                                                 
                                PreparationMethodNoteT  varchar(256)    NULL                                                 

RefAuthor                       PersonId                int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                ReferenceWorkId         int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                OrderOfAuthorship       int             NULL                                                 

ReferenceWork                   ReferenceWorkId         int             NO              (PK) 
                                RefWorkKindCd           char(2)         NULL    (FK)         
                                RefWorkPublishedDate    datetime        NULL                                                 
                                RefWorkTitleText        char(100)       NULL                                                 
                                RefWorkJournalName      char(100)       NULL                                                 
                                RefWorkVolumeIdentifier char(18)        NULL                                                 
                                RefWorkIssueIdentifier  char(18)        NULL                                                 
                                RefWorkPagesIdentifier  char(18)        NULL                                                 
                                RefWorkPublisherName    char(50)        NULL                                                 
                                RefWorkPublisherCityNam char(30)        NULL                                                 

RefWorkKind                     RefWorkKindCd           char(2)         NO              (PK) 
                                RefWorkKindDesc         char(18)        NULL                                                 

RepCollUnit                     CollectingUnitId        int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                RepositoryId            int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                RepCollNoteTxt          varchar(256)    NULL            (PK) 
                                RepositoryName          char(100)       NULL                                                 
                                RepositoryNameAbbr      char(15)        NULL                                                 
                                RepositoryNoteTxt       varchar(256)    NULL                                                 

RepositoryContact               RepositoryId            int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                PersonId                int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                RepositoryContactDeptNa char(18)        NULL                                                 
                                RepositoryContactNoteTx char(18)        NULL                                                 

SpecCompPrepMethod              PreparationMethodCd     int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                SpecimenComponenId      int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                SpecCompPrepMethodNoteT varchar(256)    NULL                                                 

Specimen                        SpecimenId              int             NO              (PK) 
                                SpecimenTypeStatusCd    char(2)         NULL    (FK)         
                                CollectingUnitId        int             NULL    (FK)         
                                SpecimenAgeQty          char(18)        NULL                                                 
                                SpecimenGenderCd        char(1)         NULL                                                 
                                SpecimenDetermNbr       char(15)        NULL                                                 
                                SpecimenMusCatNbr       char(15)        NULL                                                 

SpecimenComponent               SpecimenComponenId      int             NO              (PK) 
                                SpecimenId              int             NULL    (FK)         
                                SpecimenComponentName   char(18)        NULL                                                 

SpecimenComponentIllustration   SpecimenComponenId      int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                IllustrationId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

SpecimenIllustration            SpecimenId              int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                IllustrationId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

SpecimenPrepMethod              PreparationMethodCd     int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                SpecimenId              int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                SpecimenPrepMethodNoteT varchar(256)    NULL                                                 

SpecimenTypeStatus              SpecimenTypeStatusCd    char(2)         NO              (PK) 
                                SpecimenTypeStatusCdDes char(18)        NULL                                                 

StratigraphicIllustration       CollectingEventId       int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                StratigraphicUnitId     int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                IllustrationId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

StratigraphicUnit               CollectingEventId       int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                StratigraphicUnitId     int             NO              (PK) 
                                StratigraphicGroupNm    char(35)        NULL                                                 
                                StratigraphicFormationN char(35)        NULL                                                 
                                StratigraphicMemberNm   char(35)        NULL                                                 
                                StratigraphicBedNm      char(35)        NULL                                                 
                                LithologyDescTxt        char(200)       NULL                                                 

TaxonConcept                    TaxonConceptId          int             NO              (PK) 

TaxonConceptIllustration        IllustrationId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                TaxonConceptId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

TaxonMorphologyUse              TaxonNameUseId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                MorphCharId             int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                CharacterStateId        int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

TaxonName                       TaxonNameId             int             NO              (PK) 
                                TaxonNameText           char(35)        NULL                                                 
                                TaxonNameAuthor         char(90)        NULL                                                 
                                TaxonNameDateAuthored   datetime        NULL                                                 

TaxonNameIllustration           TaxonNameId             int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                IllustrationId          int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 

TaxonNameUse                    TaxonNameUseId          int             NO              (PK) 
                                TaxonNameId             int             NO      (FK)         
                                TaxonConceptId          int             NO      (FK)         

TaxonRelationship               TaxonParentId           int             NO      (FK)    (PK) 
                                TaxonChildId            int             NO      (FK)    (PK)