Reef Tract Assemblage
Illustrations and objective data courtesy of AMOCO Production Co., Alan B. Shaw (Manager, South Florida Carbonate Project), and Brian F. Glenister (AMOCO Consultant).

The Reef Tract Assemblage:                                    After (p.49), AMOCO Seminar on Stratigraphic Principles.    

    This is the open-water assemblage characteristic of the lime sand areas of the Reef Tract. It has over a hundred mollusk species and is dominated by the microgastropod Caecum. Great variety of species and low numbers of specimens of any one type (other than the Caeci) are characteristic. The large mollusks, like Strombus occur here.


Species present in the Reef Tract Assemblage

  Caecum spp.
  Tricolia spp.
2102 - Vermicularia spirata
2117 - Rissoina bryerea
2520 - Venericardia tridentata
3042 - Cerithiopsis latum


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