Northern (West) Assemblage
Illustrations and objective data courtesy of AMOCO Production Co., Alan B. Shaw (Manager, South Florida Carbonate Project), and Brian F. Glenister (AMOCO Consultant).

The Northern (West) Assemblage:                                    After (p.31), AMOCO Seminar on Stratigraphic Principles.    

    This assemblage develops along the edge of the Everglades. It is characterized by Anomalocardia. This fauna is seen from Cape Sable to Little Madeira and differs from similar assemblages found from there eastward by the more common occurrence of Cerithium, Modulus, Bulla, Parastarte, and tellins. The elongate razor clam Tagelus is a rare but characteristic indicator of this assemblage.


Species present in the Northern (West) Assemblage

  Crepidula spp.
  Modulus spp.
  2033 - Bulla occidentalis
2040 - Retusa canaliculata
2091 - Cerithium muscarum
2096 - Bittium varium
2130 - Anomalocardia cuneimeris
2142 - Tellina mera
2147 - Brachidontes exustus
2157 - Parastarte triquetra



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