Northern (East) Assemblage
Illustrations and objective data courtesy of AMOCO Production Co., Alan B. Shaw (Manager, South Florida Carbonate Project), and Brian F. Glenister (AMOCO Consultant).

The Northern (East) Assemblage:                                    After (p.33), AMOCO Seminar on Stratigraphic Principles.    

    This is an impoverished variant of the Northern (Anomalocardia) fauna with fewer Gulf forms and a few Interior forms. It lacks Tagelus. There is also an addition of nonmarine shells contributed from the mangrove environment.


Species present in the Northern (East) Assemblage

2040 - Retusa canaliculata
2096 - Bittium varium
2114 - Cerithidea scalariformis
2130 - Anomalocardia cuneimeris
2147 - Brachidontes exustus
  2605 - Hydrobia minuta



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