Interior Assemblage
Illustrations and objective data courtesy of AMOCO Production Co., Alan B. Shaw (Manager, South Florida Carbonate Project), and Brian F. Glenister (AMOCO Consultant).

The Interior Assemblage:                                    After (p.35), AMOCO Seminar on Stratigraphic Principles.    

    This assemblage is widely distributed through the central part of Florida Bay and seems to reflect the regime of fluctuating conditions between the extremes found along the margins of the Everglades to the north and the tidal areas to the south. It is characteristic of the bulk of the mud bank areas except in their very widest and shallowest parts. It appears to develop most characteristically in 1 - 6 feet of water. It exists far to the south along the tops of banks even where they are bordered by other, more open biotas.


Species present in the Interior Assemblage

  Modulus spp.
2091 - Cerithium muscarum
2096 - Bittium varium
2117 - Rissoina bryerea
2147 - Brachidontes exustus
2152 - Transennella conradina
  2165 - Pinctada radiata
2171 - Chione cancellata
2191 - Laevicardium laevigatum


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