Siderastrea silecensis Vaughan, 1919.

CC species number = 57

Photograph: xxxx

Synonyms: Siderastrea banksi Weisbord, 1973; Siderastrea dalli Vaughan of Meeder, 1987, and of Weisbord, 1974.

Morphologic Description:

Colony Form: cerioid
Colony Shape: massive
Budding Type: extramural
Corallite Diameter: 5-6.5 mm (*)
Calice Relief: high
Septa Per Corallite: 48-60 (*)
Continuity of Septa: continuous
Columella Structure: trabecular
Columella Width: intermediate (*)
Synapticulae: 3-5 rings
Wall Structure: synapticulothecal
Wall Characteristics: thin (*)

Holotype: USNM 325187 (Locality USGS 3694, Tampa Formation, Florida. Early Miocene).