Siderastrea radians (Pallas, 1766).

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CC species number = 56

Photograph: Scale bar is 1 cm. For a close-up of corallites.

Synonyms: none.

Morphologic Description:

Colony Form: cerioid
Colony Shape: massive
Budding Type: extramural
Corallite Diameter: 2.5-3.5 mm (*)
Calice Relief: moderate
Septa Per Corallite: 30-40 (*)
Continuity of Septa: continuous
Columella Structure: trabecular (solid)
Columella Width: thick (*)
Synapticulae: 2-3 rings
Wall Structure: synapticulothecal
Wall Characteristics: thick (*)

Holotype: Lost.


early Late Pliocene: Pinecrest Sandstone, Florida.
late Late Pliocene: Old Pera Beds, Jamaica.
Early Pleistocene: Manchioneal Formation, Jamaica; Glades Formation, Florida.
Late Pleistocene: San Andrés; Key Largo Limestone, Florida.
Recent: Caribbean.

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