Stephanocoenia spongiformis (Duncan, 1863)

CC species number =4

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Photograph: Scale bar = 1 mm. Speciman NMB D5869 (Locality NMB 15850, Río Gurabo, Gurabo Formation, Dominican Republic. Late Miocene).

Synonyms: None.

Holotype: BM(NH) R28756 ("silt of the Sandstone plain" of Heneken (1853), Dominican Republic. Neogene).

Morphologic Description

Character State
Colony Form subcerioid
Colony Shape massive
Budding Type extramural
Corallite Diameter <= 2.0 mm(*)
Calice Relief shallow(*)
Calice Shape ellipt., circ.(*)
Calice Platform Shape u-shaped(*)
Coenosteum Width 1.0 mm(*)
Internal Coenosteum Structure porous
Septa Per Corallite 24
Lobes weak pali(*)
Columella Structure styliform
Columella Width thin
Wall Structure septothecal
Wall Characteristics thick


  • Late Miocene to Early Pliocene: Gurabo Formation, Domincian Republic.
  • Early Pliocene: Mao Formation, Dominican Republic.
  • Plio-Pleistocene: Moin Formation, Costa Rica.

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