Favia n.sp.B.

Photograph: Scale bar = 1 cm (NMB D6142, Early Late Pliocene, Mao Formation, Dominican Republic).

Morphologic Description:

Colony Form: plocoid
Colony Shape: massive
Attachment of Skeleton: free-living
Budding Type: intramural
Corallite Diameter: 3-4 mm (minimum)
Calical Relief: moderate
Centers Per Corallite: 1-6
Coenosteum Width: wide, 3-4 mm
Coenosteum Surface: distinctive ambulacral groove
Septal Cycles: 4
Relative Septum Thickness: unequal, thick
Relative Costae Thickness: unequal
Continuity of Costae: discontinuous
Columella Structure: trabecular and continuous
Wall Structure: septothecal


Late Miocene: Cercado Formation, Dominican Republic; Lirio Formation, Isla de Mona.
Early Pliocene: Mao Formation, Dominican Republic.