Agaricia grahamae Wells, 1973.

Photograph: The top photo is an SEM image of an individual corallite with a scale bar of 1.0 mm.  The bottom photo is the whole colony of SUI 63952 (Discovery Bay, Jamaica, collected at 40 m. Recent). The scale bar is approximately 0.8 cm.

Synonyms: None.

Morphologic Description:

Colony Form: meandroid
Colony Shape: plates; flat or gently curved
Colline Characteristics: low
Series Length: long
Budding Type: intramural
Corallite Diameter: 2.0-2.9 mm
Septa Per Corallite: 18-28
Lobes: none
Columella Structure: trabecular and discontinuous
Columella Development: prominent
Wall Structure: synapticulothecal

Holotype: USNM 53487 (Discovery Bay, Jamaica. Recent).


Plio-Pleistocene: Moin Formation, Costa Rica.
Recent: Caribbean.

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