Character Information: Tentacle Origin

Endocoelic tentacles
Figure 14. Scheme of arrangement of mesenteries and tentacles of the late larval stages of Peachia. The six exocoelic tentacles unshaded, the six endocoelic ones shaded. The ventral directive tentacle is shown as being smaller than the other tentacles (Compare Figure 12).
Exocoelic tentacles TEXT-FIG. 1.-Boloceractis gopalai. A.-Transverse section of the body wall from about the middle of the column; B.-T.S. tentacle. ect.-ectoderm; ect. m. l.-ectodermal longitudinal muscle layer; end.-endoderm; mes.-mesoglea; n.-nematocysts; sp.-spirocysts; and z.-zooxanthellæ. X 350.